Saturday Afternoon in Jardin

Jardin is a small pueblo (village) nestled among the lush mountains and coffee plantations of the Colombian countryside.  It is known mostly for its quaint country charm, colourful houses and natural beauty.  

Although a popular weekend getaway for people from Medellin, it’s a diversion from the well-worn gringo trail and as such has retained much of its authentic appeal. 

We arrived into town on a sunny Saturday afternoon and were immediately drawn to the central plaza with its brightly coloured cafes, tables and chairs filling the square.  

After settling into our accommodation at friendly Hostal Famihotel Fundadores, we returned to the plaza for a few cervezas and enjoyed a great afternoon people watching.

As the afternoon rolled on, the square filled with local men as they rode into town on horseback, dressed in their weekend best and cowboy hats.  It appeared to be a regular social outing for the men … a chance for them to leave their farms to catch up with friends over endless cups of coffee in the square. 

They were simple souls, their faces weathered from the elements and filled with so much character and personality – a photographers dream! 

As evening fell and the church bells chimed calling the faithful to prayer, many left to return to their family and farms.  It was such a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon and gain a small glimpse of their lives.

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